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Custom Excel Work

Excel Rain Man is a niche consulting company that is devoted to helping businesses with Microsoft Excel.

The bread and butter of our business is Custom Excel Work. From a start-up company budget to an automated client management database, Excel Rain Man is providing cost-effective spreadsheet solutions to businesses of all sizes.

A sampling of our services include:


Whether you are tracking inventory, sales figures or prospect lists, Excel spreadsheets are the go-to place for storing and tracking loads of information. Excel Rain Man can help you create a go-forward database that can easily be filtered, sorted, sliced and diced.


Excel is the perfect place to join information from various sources or systems. Excel Rain Man can help you connect these various streams of data into a repository where it can be analyzed in no time.


While companies would often times benefit from purchasing expensive software packages to help manage information (Payroll, Inventory, Revenues etc.), they may not be in a position to take that financial plunge. Excel Rain Man can help you utilize spreadsheets to record and track necessary data and generate reports to summarize crucial information.


The canned reports that come with off-the-shelf software aren't always going to meet your needs. Once exported into a spreadsheet, Excel Rain Man will create custom reports to summarize and manipulate the data to your exact specifications.


No matter what your spreadsheet problem may be, Excel Rain Man will work with you to create a custom solution to meet the intricate needs of your business. Projects have included data management systems, auditing of financial models, automation through macros, and other one-off requests.


Excel is the perfect tool to help with complex calculations and data manipulation. Excel Rain Man has a team of experienced programmers that are ready and able to assist with the most difficult of Excel tasks involving Marcros and complicated formula work. Our team will work with you to create a custom solution from scratch or perform a review and put the finishing touches on an existing spreadsheet.

In addition to being Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic experts, we are also well versed in Access, Word and PowerPoint.

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WHAT OUR clients are saying

Jen Portland and her team at Excel Rain Man truly are the Excel spreadsheet experts. I started working with them in 2008 and have worked with them on multiple projects since then. I have always been impressed by the suggestions they make for each of my pharmaceutical...

- Catherine L, CL Consulting Inc.